Monday, May 13, 2013

Spicy Bites of Biryani- by Ashwina Garg.

Buy Spicy Bites of Biryani: Because Life Needs a Little Masala: Book

Spicy bites of Biryani- (has got nothing to do with the recipe ;) ) the book is just about screwing up your life yourself… and then getting the best when you expect the least.

The story traces the lives of four, thirty something friends - simple yet catchy language, well researched writing based on not-to-technical but an easy flowing everyday life,  and that it could be the story of the people living in neighbouhood who may face the  ups and downs depending upon the people around, friends, family, in-laws, colleagues, ex-es… it keeps the reader involved.  

The female protagonist Aditi, is a girl with whom any present day urban girl can relate. Anyone and everyone may want to be like her, only if one has the guts… she is bold enough to be herself publically which others may dream of being… under covers.

Sanjay, the millionaire protagonist also is good enough to convey the message that money isn’t everything honey… there’s something more to life…

It’s a story about a relationship and not fortunes or reputations; it has something to do with one’s desires and one’s existence as a true-self.

A fairytale feeling does emerge at times… for the normal human beings do have grudges and complaints but, our protagonists are too good to be real.

The first time author was very well able to maintain the fine line of difference between soft p**n and romance and I would love to term this as one of the most romantic stories from the budding contemporary authors. I could happily give up on my four hours of sleep at night just to finish this up in one go…

I would recommend this as a must read for all those who prefer a light reading… Go Grab your Copy…

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