Thursday, April 25, 2013

Crossing the Line…. Aabhas K Maldahiyar

About the Author- A creative profession and similar thoughts, I can say that because I have met him in person. Aabhas is a small town guy with big dreams but he knows how to hold himself on the ground at the same time. An Architect by profession he has keen interest in Politics. Has an interest in Poetry and Painting as well, this his second book. (I am still to read the first!)
Crossing the Line…
‘Fortune Favors the Brave’ a widely used phrase, aptly relates to the protagonist, and well quoted by the Author himself.
My genre is mostly love stories and those from the management and banking background. So I was not too sure about this particular book, thankfully it was good enough to keep me engaged till the end…
The tag says mostly all about the book, Politicians, Bureaucrats and cheap Educationists everything at first I thought it would be difficult for me to finish this book up, but as soon as I reached the third chapter my interest increased.
Coming back to motherland and facing a lot of traditional practices (as an outcome of a rotten mindset-here they are normally the business malpractices) is something which most of us can relate to when we come back from a stay abroad.
That, the story comes from an Architect is quiet evident, and the technical jargons used takes you on a virtual tour of being one yourself as the language is not too tough and the content is layman friendly(as it was not too difficult for me to understand). The revolutionary, career oriented and honest protagonist Aditya, make the reader wade through the ups and downs of his life and career pursuits and finally when he is expecting the worst something unexpected revives a ray of hope.
Well etched characters, brainstorms and the ground realities bring the pace to the story. Though there are grammatical errors, they leave the story unaffected.
One must read this book, to ensure a better insight into the issues of the present day… I felt the author has written most of the content based on his own experiences, a few phrases like “fourth dimension of Einstein”, “need for broadening the mankind” etc. sums up the emotions practically with examples, easily relatable to the context.
I would recommend this book to the generation Y for sure.
Love, Lust, drama, the story has it all. But what can better be related are the questions that have been asked by the author and those pricking pins that cause the pain to the society as a whole.
I would rate his work 3.5/5. 

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