Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Homing Pigeons by Siddhartha Bahri

Buy Book The Homing Pigeons...: Not All Love Stories are Perfect, but Then, Neither are People by
Not Just another story, but the one to steal your heart…

Just not because it comes from Siddhartha Bahri, but the reason is… there could have been many Aditya(s) but this pigeon spoke it out.

Circumstances and of course uncertainties give birth to the profound professions after a lot of research though, but our protagonist Aditya just enters one when he exits a pub…  A gigolo is definitely a term for fancies but they are human too…

Life… that’s what we call, needs to be lived more than the morals, societal influences or anything else! And thus ‘Life was just perfect again, even though Aditya was obsessed with work and money.’( though most of it came from where it should not have)

Coming to the story, it’s about two people, from different places and different background meet at a tender age, and then they have their own destinies… but as they say The Homing pigeons always come back to their mates… Aditya and Radhika make us believe them.

Simple, involving and catchy, this book is one level up… it’s not describing sex or soft porn… its actually describing the other unseen aspects of why things happen or can happen… 

“Most complications occur when the vocabulary is enhanced to include words like guilt, morals and cheating… ignorance is definitely more blissful” says Sid rightly.

The restructuring, the consequences and further coming out of those might have been an experience for all the recession hits of the scary 2008, I have witnessed many around, but bringing out something like this is a work of a genius.

From the plot, to simplicity… and words to design of the cover page… this book tempts. I am glad that I read this one.  Will recommend this to all those who like to read… I won’t rate it… I bet anyone who reads this would fall in love with Life again. 

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