Tuesday, May 14, 2013

because every raindrop is a HOPE…

Buy Because... Every Raindrop is a Hope: Book
because every raindrop is a HOPE… comes from two debutants, Mansi Sharma and Sankalp Kohli.
This story is not just another college romance, it’s a story about dreams, life, love, lust, betrayals, fate, and finally hope!

The protagonist Raj is a contemporary youth who has treated life a little on the lighter side, he has fallen in love and moved out of it, first time because of coincidences he lost the love of his life, and second time because of his own foolishness, his frustration leads him into seclusion.

 This book contains every aspect of youth, college ragging to lusty one night stands, from drugs to cheating, from friendship to being left alone… a lot of incidences well knit in the form of experiences of a youngster.
The verses brings out the poetic bent of the Authors, and the experiences that have been penned down from the incidences which a person may face even in a normal life makes the story erotic, though it lacks romance even when they have so many love stories weaved together.

A little hint of the supernatural incidences adds up to the belief in hope, in spite of all the ups and downs in the protagonist’s life, the optimistic approach towards life makes this read recommendable…
You love, You lose, still you Live…

A good attempt by the authors, though the work could have been presented in a little better way… this can be a good pick while traveling.

I will rate this book 3/5. 

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