Friday, January 20, 2012

That Thing Called Love by Tuhin A Sinha

Buy That Thing Called LoveMayank thus lives in disillusionment, aspiring, with diminishing hope, to fall in love in all Utopian earnestness and with his 'perfect woman'. The irony eventually arises when he identifies the image of his 'perfect woman' in an older happily married woman. The dreamer in him sets aside ground realities to flow with natural impulses, leading to a dangerously complicated relationship between the woman and him. That Mayank's relationship with Revathi unfolds during the course of one Mumbai monsoon, the first that an anticipating Mayank, experiences of the city, only makes this Utopia an even more surreal experience.

Not just one story but a mix, showcasing almost all aspects of a life in a metro, well etched characters and incidences, while Rewathi is strong, Mayank a dreamer, and rest of them revolving around spun well in words... i personally did not like the particular comments about the dusky girls, the gay part is somewhat unrealistic for the small town genre, but the story brings out the realms of the psychology... a book to keep the reader involved from start to end... the vocabulary coulkd have been easy... all in all a good read, i rate it 3.5/5

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