Friday, January 20, 2012

Devil in Pinstripes- Ravi Subramanian

Buy Book Devil In Pinstripes by Ravi SubramanianAbout the book:Devil in Pinstripes takes you behind the scenes through the power-packed aisles of New York International Bank (NYIB) and the sharpest of its minds. It is the story of Amit, an ambitious MBA who joins NYIB and thereby, the world of high pressure competitive foreign banking and the current crisis that engulfs this sector. As life throws its curves, Amit finds himself stuck between the lives of three others - his wife and later colleague, Chanda; Gowri, a power-hungry political maestro par excellence and Amit's arch rival; and above all, his mentor Aditya, who plays devious power games with almost everyone in his quest for success and fame.

The catchy title made me pick this book, I guessed it was about some office politics. The introduction was quite interesting with the protogonist , Amit Sharma getting into a mess, and he starts recalling the older days... caught attention, but a few pages later all that seems to fall flat as the rest of the plot is the common corp-politics, may be uninteresting for the non-corpos. Amit as his biotechlogist turned banker wife Chanda face some rough phases while working for the same company...(that may be the reason why spouse must not work for the same company). 
Ofcourse,there were little flashes of humour like the funny description of the way people try to talk in loud voice on a ISD call(as if their voice should reach the other party directly) etc. All in all an average read, recommended to the banking and NBFC persons for sure but definitely not a Mass read. I rate this book 3.5/5 

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