Friday, January 20, 2012

The Incredible Banker- Ravi Subramanian

Buy The Incredible BankerA new Expat CEO, a bank riddled with losses in its Retail banking business, mind numbing politicking amongst the honchos, aggressive loan sales guys battling the listless credit folks Greater Boston Global Bank(GB2) seemed to be like any other foreign bank. 
Till it all changed one day when Ronald McCain, CEO of GB2 is hurriedly pulled out of his morning team huddle and summoned by the RBI Governor. What ensued thereon was something Ronald was least prepared for. How could something as catastrophic transpire in an organization, considered to be the Mecca of banking? Ronald has no answers. 
And when the CBI lands up at Deepak Sarups doors trailing the scent of a the same scandal, Ronald decides to distance the bank leaving Deepak, a senior executive, to fight his own battles. Will Ka ran, Deepak's one time adversary and now a Journo, bail him out? Will Savitha, his girlfriend, stand by him? And will his family; the CBI and more importantly the country believe what he says?
With the media and CBI in hot pursuit, Ronald can't help but wonder what his fate has in store for him an intriguing tale of love, politics, unbridled aggression and money laundering, "The Incredible Banker" is the last in the trilogy of banking chronicles Sometimes future can only be seen in fiction. 
"The Incredible Banker", a tale of corporate politics, deceit, relationships, frauds and money laundering releases in August 2011 raises some interesting and some worrying aspects of living life the foreign bank way. 
A crucial question, to answer which the reader will have to navigate his way through this 300 page blockbuster, is - What does the embedded "Red" in "The Incredible Banker" signify?. Read the book to un ravel the mystery.

What made me pick up the book was another story from the banker's mind, the well etched characters and the well engraved wordpictures presented to the readers keep them busy flipping through the 300 pages, Deepak Sarup, the central character has been a combination of many things at the same time, Savita leaves an impression on the reader's mind,  a must read for the bankers... for those who appreciate plain romance this may be a tricky affair... but for those who understand office politics this is a good pick, moreover the story gives a clear expression how India's remotest parts are eyed upon for money laundering... and social evils that exist...
I rate this book 4/5

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