Friday, January 20, 2012

I bought the Monk's Ferrari- Ravi Subramanian

About the Book: Excited and nervous, a fresher of twenty-three, takes his first career flight from Bangalore to Delhi. He peeps out of the window as the flight takes off- and presto! He sees on the road below, fast fading from his vision- an immaculate bright red Ferrari, begins the quest of his life . . . for his own FERRARI. In this thought provoking book, the author, Ravi Subramanian provides a step-by-step approach towards begins successful and acquiring ones own Ferrari. The Ferrari here is not a mere luxury car; it is way worthier than that . . . it is something that even the monks wouldnt want to relinquish. Inspired by he lives of Individuals, who dreamt big and achieved big, whom the author has comes across in his career and from his own personal experiences, Subramanian pens down the Ten Commandments to motivate readers in acquiring the success they have always wished for. A must-read for those who dare to aspire and achieve nothing but the best. After all, the FERRARI is something worth dying for!!!

Another Book by Ravi, can term it as a self help book, the ten commandments may definitely be steps to succeed, I found the language good, honestly the vocabulary is strong and the book keeps you busy... and one can get to learn alot from the experiences that the author has shared, with the definition of Ferrari, the author has proved his writing skills, but I personally feel, Ravi's fictions are better than his commandments. I rate this Book 3/5.

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