Saturday, December 22, 2012

Till the last breath- Durjoy Dutta

When I picked up his first book (rather the book of his that I read first) I was not sure of reading it. I picked it up on recommendation of the bookstall-wala. ‘madam yeh  aajkal bohot bik rahi hai!’ yes the book had a bestseller’s tag too.

I read the book, it took me about two hours to finish that one, first because it was nowhere near to my taste, secondly I did not like the language (the too frank expressions not the vocabulary) but there was something that I liked about his work. I got a better insight into what really matters.
And finally I ended up reading all his published work. Durjoy Dutta- this management guy from Delhi has potential I must say.

Till the last breath - I thought this too would be just another from him that will have a lot of exposed feelings, rounds of love making (making out, as he terms it)but I am glad I took this one.
Mature, sensible, and a very well written, most of it is very unlike Durjoy. The medical terminology and the expressions well made seem to have come from a medical student, kudos… something unexpected from a management pro.

Coming to the story- very well written, heart touching and clearly etched characters, the resemblance to characters can be found amongst the people in the neighbourhood, one can read this even more than once. Youth well defined, after reading this piece of work from him, his fans would certainly understand that relationships have something more than just making out, the use of the f***word quite appropriate, the life of the doctor and the dilemma very nicely word-sketched.

The fairytale love adds to the charisma of the heartfelt, mesmerizing tale. The optimistic approach, the well paced events and the character of Pihu would last long on the readers mind.

A perfect example of the phrase- life is a gift. A dedicated rich Doctor, the reason behind his dedication, an intern with contras shades in her personality and her past,  the medical student and her passion to be what she wants, and the fragility of the drug affected youngster, the ups and downs in the lives of connected people… everything perfectly blended.

Though there are a few typo errors, the story is inexplicable.

I would rate this 4.5/5. Go…grab your copy if you haven’t yet.

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