Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chakra – Chronicles of the Witch Way by Ritu Lalit.

Chakra is a mystical story woven around the power, awakened Kundalinis, Chimeras, various clans of mystic characters and lot of emotions.
The story revolves around Parinita Mohan, who has special powers, but a tragic yet challenging incidence in her life makes her give up on her mystical practices and lead a life of a normal human.  That particular incidence left many questions on her mind and she takes up spying as a career. A detective’s life is never easy and people around are still more complicated. Facing the troubles in life makes her tough, and the secrets that she buries within herself are still more difficult to deal with.
In times of difficulty the only ray of hope in her life too, is the person who cannot be trusted as he belongs to a sinister organization.  But time brings her to a situation where she is required to go back to the magical world, The Witch Way.
Multiple characters of the story, at times make you turn the pages back but when you finish each segment the curiosity of ‘what next?’ keeps you involved. 
Ritu is not an unknown name for the Indian readers. Her narration of the incidences and capturing every small thing in details is a trait which a very few people possess.  Chakra is pace-y and keeps the readers involved throughout the 300 plus pages. The episode ends dramatically and paves ways for a sequel clearly… me awaiting the same.
This book is for those who: love to read mysteries, thrillers, and have an interest in mystical powers, bombs and bloodsheds. Those who understand what it takes to face challenges and live against odds, those who believe in surviving.
Those who are just into reading rom-coms strictly stay away. Those who have an appetite just for college life descriptions please do not peek in.
Something worth mentioning, coming as an inaugural book from a much awaited publishing house Author’s Empire, Chakra has lived up to the expectations of readers, the quality of Book, is good to match with the existing tycoons of the publishing world. The cover design is impressive and elegant. Price wise the book is affordable as well as worth spending those 245 INR, a complete value for money.

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